Winnipeg’s Historic Entertainment Venue

Soon to Come! Boutique Hotel with a Sexual Edge like NO other Hotel in Canada ( Dungeons, Fetish Rooms, etc ). A safe binary options enviroment for you to explore your limits.

Upcoming Events:

Sep 11 2008Love as Laughter/Oxford Collapse8:00P
Sep 12 2008Sleepercar (ex-ATDI, Sparta)9:00P
Sep 13 2008Painted Birds/The Furr/JD Edwards9:00P
Sep 17 2008Into Eternity/Port Amoral9:00P
Sep 19 2008Latefallen9:00P
Sep 20 2008You Say Party! We Say Die!/Beast/Winter Gloves8:00P
Sep 22 2008We Are Wolves9:00P
Sep 23 2008Zimmers Hole/Unexpect/Of Human Bondage/Nailbrick9:00P
Sep 27 2008Baroness/Bison/KENmode9:00P
Sep 29 2008Opeth and High on Fire PRE GAME. Cheap beers!6:00P
Sep 30 2008Cancer Bats/The Blackout Brigade/Withdrawal8:00P
Oct 2 2008Hellacaust/Hands of Death/Besieged9:00P
Oct 9 2008Horrorpops/7 Shot Screamers9:00P
Oct 10 2008Shearing Pinx9:00P
Oct 13 2008Vancougar/Novillero9:00P
Oct 18 2008Zombie Walk Wrap Up Party9:00P
Oct 24 2008Red Blanket/TBA9:00P
Oct 31 2008Putrescence/Exit Strategy/BTILC/Amongst the Filth/Dissolution9:00P
Nov 1 2008Ladyhawk/Attack in Black/Shotgun Jimmie8:00P
Nov 2 2008Dismember/Augury/Psychotic Gardening/Dissolution9:00P
Nov 5 2008Impaled/Fuck the Facts9:00P
Jan 18 2009Rotting Christ/Novembers Doom/Epicurean7:30P
Feb 24 2009Soilwork/Darkane/Warbringer/Swallow the Sun9:00P